Cardiac Ultrasound Equipment in San Diego and Los Angeles

Cardiology is a medical specialty that is extremely demanding and thus is also amid the most competitive groups when it comes to the manufacturers of ultrasound systems. With the passage of time and technological advancements there has been a persistent development of novel quantification features as well as ways of measuring and analyzing for diagnosing the cardiac realm. We at Promed Solutions are one of the largest providers of cardiac ultrasound equipment. We are a licensed and certified company which means you are under safe and trusted hands. Our staffs will guide you through the selection process to help you make an informed decision. The areas that we serve include the ins and outs of Los Angeles and San Diego.

Discover the different types

We offer a wide range of cardiac ultrasound equipment namely,

  • Premium- this is the most advanced and the most costly. The premium version is the best of the cardiac ultrasound line systems.
  • High-end- this has some of the features of the premium version and comes at a lower price.
  • Mid-range- this variety is the most widely used and is equipped with some features of the premium version
  • Economy- this is a basic model with less advanced features and comes at an affordable cost.
  • Portable- this ranges from economy to high-end, but its price is lesser than consoles.

Alluring features

  • Finest image quality
  • Advanced technology offering fast processing speeds
  • Advanced Interventional procedures
  • Supports all cardiac disciplines
  • Powerful automatic auto measurement and image optimization
  • Automatic or semi quantification tools
  • All-inclusive cardiac measurement package
  • Flexible reporting format
  • Others

At Promed Solutions it is our aim of offering cardiac ultrasound equipment solutions that combine quality with knowledge and experience. Be rest assured with us you will get the most advanced and reliable solutions. To know more call us today.