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Our company, ProMed Solutions, is the leading dealer of RF cosmetic lasers and other types of medical equipment in Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and Orange County, and we also serve clients in San Diego. We have been able to build a reputation for excellence over the years, and medical professionals consistently turn to us to provide them with quality machines at affordable prices.

The people that comprise our team are highly experienced experts that are always on the cutting edge, and we have a vast store of resources to draw from. We sell new dermatology laser equipment, and we also refurbish used models. Of course, if you need your RF skin machine serviced, simply give us a call and we will perform the necessary repair work.

The Agnes RF Skin Care Machine

We are widely recognized as the premier resource for medical equipment in Los Angeles and San Diego because people in the field know that we always have the latest, state of the art technology in our inventory. When it comes to acne treatment, highly effective dermatology laser equipment is emerging, and we have identified the Agnes RF cosmetic laser product as the ideal tool for doctors that treat this condition.

This RF skin care machine was developed by Korean dermatologists, and it is changing the lives of people who have acne. It has proven to be highly effective, and there is a very low recurrence rate after the treatment is completed. Plus, it is very convenient for patients, because it can be done quickly and efficiently, and there are none of the unpleasant side effects that accompany some acne treatments. There is no medication to take orally, and this is a totally safe procedure that does no harm to the skin.  The Agnes RF skin care machine is revolutionizing the way that dermatologists treat acne, but this skin tightening machine can also be utilized to address other pore-related issues, like syringoma.

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Clearly, the Agnes RF skin care machine is an advanced device, and you are naturally going to have questions about it. We place an emphasis on client communication, and we would be more that glad to provide you with all the details. You can reach one of our knowledgeable San Diego/Los Angeles dermatology laser equipment consultants right now at 562-326-5720.

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