About ProMed Solutions, Inc.: A global solutions provider. We Offer New Hair Removal Lasers, Sell Used Lasers, OBGYN Ultrasound Equipment, and Cosmetic Laser Equipment in Los Angeles, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Riverside, & San Diego, CA.

ProMed Solutions is a global solution-provider for quality new, refurbished, and pre-owned medical equipment used in several medical imaging, diagnostic, and laser industries. We’re your resource for complete sales, service, and maintenance of medical equipment in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange Counties, and our experts have experience across a wide array of industries. Our team of seasoned industry experts and unmatched quality controls is what sets apart from our competition. If you’ve invested heavily in medical equipment in order to deliver your product or service to your patients, you can trust ProMed Solutions to help you keep that investment in good working order. We’ve helped diagnostic imaging centers, veterinarian offices, and laser surgery clinics all over the globe with their medical equipment, removing and refurbishing or upgrading current systems. For new facilities, we have a suite of design/build consulting services we can provide.

The perfect team for your ultrasound needs.

ProMed specializes in providing equipment sales and services to several industries, including radiology, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiology, vascular imaging, mammograms, urology, surgical, and veterinarians, to name just a few applications. We specialize in several industries, including OB/Gyn ultrasound, an industry to which we’ve provided used ultrasound machines and other used ultrasound equipment, or refurbished ultrasound machines. Our large selection of ultrasound machines for sale, as well as peripheral ultrasound equipment for sale ensures that no matter what your need or budget, we have a new ultrasound machine for sale for everyone.

We service a variety of devices.

Whether you’re looking for used laser machine parts like those used in hair removal laser equipment, or in tattoo removal laser equipment – any cosmetic laser equipment – ProMed Solutions has the right solution for you. We offer a wide range of C-arms, used in a number of medical imaging devices that can be installed to refurbish systems like your used digital x-ray system. We offer used and refurbished C-arms, and depending on your function and device, we have mini and mobile C-arms.

New equipment could be the key.

ProMed Solutions doesn’t just specialize in refurbished and used medical equipment – we offer new equipment, too! If you’re building a new cardiac specialty clinic with cardiac ultrasound equipment, and you’ve got the budget and inclination toward new ultrasound equipment for your patients, you’ve come to the right place. Contact one of our dedicated staff today, and discover how ProMed Solutions has the right solution for you and your patients.