About Us

At ProMed Solutions, we don’t just specialize in refurbished and used laser and cosmetic equipment – we offer new equipment as well. If you’re outfitting your new medspa or medical practice, and you’d like cutting edge, new equipment for your patients’ benefit, we have the solutions for you! Contact one of our knowledgeable professionals today, and discover how we can provide you with the cosmetic equipment sales, service, and maintenance to help you help your patients.

Most medical practices require some form of laser technology for their business. For cosmetic procedure businesses, buying used laser machines can be a more affordable way to equip your practice with the laser equipment it needs to be successful. We sell used lasers of all sizes, brands, and functions.

  • Used Lasers – As you likely know, lasers are an expensive piece of equipment. With a range of powerful functions, lasers are a good, if not necessary, tool that medical clinics and other businesses use on a daily basis. If you’re in the market for a quality laser, but don’t have the budget to purchase new, used laser technology is the way to go. At ProMed Solutions we sell quality used lasers at affordable rates.

  • Used Cosmetic Laser Equipment – Cosmetic practices and other companies utilize laser equipment for a range of uses. Amongst the most popular uses for cosmetic laser technology are hair removal lasers. At ProMed Solutions we carry quality used hair removal lasers and other cosmetic laser equipment to fit all of your needs.

  • Used Laser Machines – Used laser technology can range from small handheld laser units to larger laser machines. At ProMed Solutions we sell used laser machines for all your needs. With the best prices in the Los Angeles area, businesses and other practices trust us to sell them quality machinery at affordable rates.