Enhance Fat Loss Procedures!

Over 80% of patients undergoing fat loss procedures opt to add on the FreezePatch™ at check out increasing profit per procedure for the office!


FreezePatch™  – Worlds First Fat Loss Procedure Support Supplement System (Transdermal Patch) works with Coolsculpting™, Trusculpt™, Sculpsure™, Exilis™, Liposuction, RF & Ultrasound based fat reduction.

Improved post procedure comfort with all natural time-released, validated ingredients  means happier patients, better results and more referrals!

NanoDirect Time-Released Transdermal Technology

The technology behind FreezePatch™ was originally designed for post bariatric surgery patients who could no longer effectively absorb vitamins and nutrients effectively and required weekly IM or IV supplementation.  With the NanoDirect transdermal supplementation these patients returned to normal vitamin blood levels with the convenience of daily topical patches.  The technology has been validated by bariatric surgery practices at Stanford, John Hopkins and UCLA and has now been used to make the FreezePatch™ system.  FreezePatch™ is Physician Formulated, Safe, Effective and Convenient!

Why use the FreezePatch™?

  • Supports Lymphatics For Faster Fat Loss
  • Improves Comfort Post-Procedure
  • Time Released Appetite Suppressant
  • All Day Energy Production
  • Safe, Convenient & Effective
  • Organic, Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Latex, Lactose & Sugar Free
  • 90 Day Supply
  • Made in the USA

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