ArTek Spot Contact Cooling for Fillers and Injections

ArTek Spot Contact Cooling for Fillers and Injections

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Los Alamitos, CA

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The ArTek Spot contact cooler by ThermoTek is lightweight and portable dermal cooling system that gives you flexible precise control of dermal cooling for pain management for injectable and filler treatments as well as other cosmetic procedures like tattoo and hair removal, without the mess of ice or chemical sprays. The ArTek Spot utilizes thermoelectric technology, which means NO ICE and NO CONSUMABLES are needed and its solid state design allows the system to operate continuously all day long, with no need to turn off or defrost. Features: Offers temporary topical analgesic relief for fillers, other injectables and micro-needling treatments. Effective pain management for both hair and tattoo removal Precise temperature control (from 33 degrees F to 50 degrees F) No consumables required Includes on contoured handpiece of your choice.  Additional handpieces are available. Reduces pain, swelling, bruising and thermal injury


ModelArTek Spot Chiller