Active Spirit 918 Diode Hair Removal Laser

Active Spirit 918 Diode Hair Removal Laser

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Spirit-918 The Spirit – 918 by Active – The innovative Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Three wavelengths to address all your Skin Types.  755nm, 810nm and 1064nm. The Spirit – 918 is the first product utilizing the ACS-Laser method, a unique treatment protocol, developed by Active Optical Systems and offers a breakthrough in hair removal safety and efficiency. The technology The ACS-Laser , technology developed by Active controls the pulse pattern, according to preselected clinical parameters such as skin color, selected treatment, photosensitivity, hair fiber average diameter and hair density. The treatment protocol and the pulses pattern take into consideration the TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time), which is the time it takes to disperse excessive heat from the tissue, the results of thousands of treatments done during the years and the cumulative results of clinical researches done in order to verify the findings. Versus to other lasers the Spirit – 918 by Active utilizes improved laser diodes capable of producing a powerful beam with high intensity due to the concentration of the energy into short pulses. The light intensity can be measured by the practitioner. The precise concentration of the laser beam enables selective treatment of the hair follicles that coagulates them, lowers the hair re-growth rate and prolongs significantly the time between treatments. Safety The Spirit – 918 was tested and complies with the most rigorous medical standards for safety, accuracy and efficiency. It is approved by health ministries in various places worldwide. The Spirit – 918 is equipped with unique safety mechanizes enabling precise operation and preventing unintentional activation in cases the treatment handpiece does not touch the patient’s skin. The result – no accidental flashes unless the handpiece’s tip touches the skin The results The Spirit – 918 enables, due to its large treatment spot, continues and fast treatments, reduced number of treatments and superb ability to treat deep hair follicles. Customers report on excellent results in with short treatment times. System comes with training, 2 year warranty and guaranteed 20 millions shots on handpiece ! Handpiece: Deep cooling, touch operated Pulse per Second: From 1 up to 10 pulses per second Wavelength: 810 nm, 755nm, 1064nm Temp. control: Constantly monitors the room and handpiece temp Control: Computerized, touch control Diode’s Life Span: 20,000,000 Flashes (min) Treatment Area: 2.16 cm 2 (12*18mm) Weight: 42Kg (including Stand) Dimensions: 44cm x 45cm x 100cm


ModelSpirit 918