Fast Hair Removal Laser - Active Spirit 918

Fast Hair Removal Laser - Active Spirit 918

$40,000 (USD)

Los Alamitos, CA

orCall 1-562-326-5720


Why buy the Active Spirit 918 Hair Removal Laser?:

  1. Efficacy – It really works well in eliminating hair.
  2. Tri-wavelengths, The Spirit 918 operates with a blended 1064, 755 and 810nm so you can address all skin types safely.
  3. Not painful to your patients
  4. Affordable to you so you can buy other equipment to make you more money.
  5. Super low maintenance, if any.  

1000’s of Active lasers have been sold worldwide. Active is a very reliable laser along with the best results.

On-site training is included in the sale/lease of the Active 918 High-speed.  We want you to be comfortable with using the laser to optimize the best results.  Are support doesn’t end there.   We are also available by phone and text as long as you own the machine!

2 year warranty!!!


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