Brand New Ovation ULT Zero-Gravity Red Light Therapy

Brand New Ovation ULT Zero-Gravity Red Light Therapy

$20,000 (USD)


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We have 2 Body Balance System OvationULT beds for sale. They are brand new and never used. They were originally sold for $41k!

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The Ovation ULT is a zero-gravity red light therapy bed that uses red and infrared light to treat injuries, reduce pain, and reverse the signs of aging to promote whole body wellness.

Designed with the body in mind so that it forms to the body’s natural structure in order to deliver the powerful effects of red and infrared light therapy within inches of the user. The closer red and infrared light is to the body, the more beneficial the treatment. The OvationULT™ is the only Red Light Therapy Bed that also includes frequency massage thereby eliminating the need for a vibrational plate session post treatment. We purposefully sought out to design a more effective system than the typical tanning bed models which cannot get as close to the user as the OvationULT™ can to ensure that every user maximizes their red light therapy experience.

Benefits Of The OvationULT

  • Increases Endurance, Strength, and Recovery
  • Promotes Firmer, Radiant, and Smooth Skin
  • Promotes Wound Healing & Scaring
  • Lowers Inflammation and Stress
  • Decrease Pain/Pain Management
  • Improves Joint Heath
  • Combats Arthritis
  • Slows Down Hair Loss/Promotes Growth
  • Improves Brain Health & Cognitive Performance
  • Encourages Better Sleep Patterns
  • Enhances Mood
  • Improves Circulation
  • Full-Body Anti-Aging


ManufacturerBody Balance System
ModelOvationULT Bed