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ProMed is the trusted resource for RF micro needling machines in Orange County, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and other parts of the greater Los Angeles area. In addition to the work that we do with members of the medical community in and around L.A., we also serve clients down in San Diego.

If you are looking for an RF wrinkle treatment machine, you have certainly reached the right website, because we offer the highly regarded Agnes micro-needling machine. This groundbreaking periorbital wrinkle machine is the product of extensive research that was conducted in Asia, and it is taking the dermatological community by storm.

You are definitely missing out on a golden opportunity if you are not targeting the older demographic as a dermatologist. Between the years 1946 and 1964 an unprecedented number of babies were born. This phenomenon is known as the “baby boom,” and these individuals are now attaining senior citizen status. To give you an idea of how rapidly the population is aging, there are about 10,000 people applying for Social Security every day.

As we all know, wrinkles can set in when you reach an advanced age, and the Agnes micro needling machine can eliminate them. You can definitely reach this growing demographic if your practice is equipped with this highly effective RF wrinkle treatment machine. To add to the appeal, in addition to wrinkles, the Agnes product doubles as an eye bag removal machine, and many older people would love to get rid of those unsightly pouches under their eyes.

This RF micro-needling machine can definitely help you attract older patients, but it is also very effective for acne removal. It eradicates the blemishes at the source, and there are no side effects. The procedure is quick, it is minimally invasive, and it is totally safe. People who have undergone the procedure report that it is truly life changing, and it is quite gratifying to be able to give your patients the gift of self-confidence.

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