Dermatology Laser Equipment in San Diego, Orange County, and Surrounding Areas

Promed Solutions can help you with dermatology laser equipment in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Orange County or San Diego. They supply new and used medical equipment to hospitals, clinics and private practices and they can help you with new or used laser equipment, rentals, and more. So, whether you are a plastic surgeon, a dermatologist or a spa salon, they can help you with the right medical and cosmetic equipment.

Dermatology laser equipment finds application in several cosmetic procedures such as hair removal, skin remodelling, acne removal, wart removal, body contouring, vascular legions, stretch marks, skin resurfacing, vitiligo, trans epidermal and more. They carry a wide range of new and refurbished dermatology laser equipment such as the Active Optima, the Alma Harmony, the Ageless glow, the Candela Mini Gentlelase and more.

Consider the 2014 Alma Harmony XL which can be used for a variety of cosmetic procedures including hair removal, tattoo removal and more. Alma dermatology lasers can achieve best results hair removal with treatments that are safe. For example, Alma’s lasers can provide a range of skin remodelling treatments that rejuvenate mature skin. Dermatology lasers mobilize collagen fibers that help the skin to regain edacity and firmness.

If you provide cosmetic procedures and services than you cannot be without an advanced laser machine. Promed Solution can help you with the right dermatology laser equipment. Whether you are plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, a dermatologist in Los Angeles, a medical clinic in Newport Beach, a hospital in Orange County or a beauty salon in San Diego, they can help you with vascular and cosmetic laser equipment.

If you want a single-source solution for your dermatology laser equipment, then you need look no further than Promed Solutions.