Mobile C-Arms Systems in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Diego and Surrounding Areas

Mobile c-arm systems improve medical imaging and diagnostics

If you need a mobile c-arm for your hospital, clinic or medical facility in Los Angeles or San Diego, then Promed Solutions can help. They supply a wide range of refurbished and pre-owned medical equipment such imaging, diagnostic and laser machines. Whether you want to buy, service or sell your medical equipment, Promed Solutions can help.

Mobile c-arms are used in medical imaging applications for purposes of diagnostics and surgical procedures. They help doctors visualize things such as kidney drainage, valve replacements, aneurysm repair and more. A smaller mobile c-arm can be used in clinics for a variety of applications such as podiatric imaging. Modern c-arm systems include 3-D navigational aids and advanced image processing software that improve physician performance.

Most of mobile c-arm systems use image intensifiers and CCD cameras and digital flat panel detector systems.  Flat panel detector systems offer enhances image quality and a larger field of view. Mobile c-arm systems take up less space in the busy OR and their detectors are not vulnerable to agentic influences.

For example, the Fluoroscan Premier Mobile C-arm system features dual monitors, image intensifier, one shot frame integration as well fluoro boost and sharpening functions. This type of mini-c-arm systems is perfect for podiatry and orthopedic applications.

A mobile C-arm is designed to improve precision and performance in the OR, from image quality to diagnostics and procedures. C-arm tables are also an important consideration since c-arms work in conjunction with patient tables. The table should allow for easy positioning of the c-arm and tables that can move and rotate can improve patient access.

Promed Solutions can provide the right c-arm equipment and solutions for your medical requirements in Los Angeles or San Diego. The can help you with mobile-c-arm systems, mini-c-arm systems as well as c-arm tables.

Los Angeles Mobile C-Arm from Promed is reliable and affordable. Contact us for details on mobile c-arm products and services.