B&K Falcon 2101 Ultrasound


B&K Falcon 2101 Ultrasound

Refurbished B&K Falcon Type 2101 Ultrasound System


  • SeedImplant System
  • 17 ” Flat Screen Monitor
  • Adjustable Monitor Arm
  • 48 Channels
  • 8658T Transducer
  • Black/White Printer

B-K Medical Falcon 2101 Ultrasound Scanner’s Details

B-K MEDICAL FALCON 2101 ULTRASOUND SCANNER. B-K Ultrasound 2101 FALCON MEDICAL SCANNER Type the Falcon 2101 is the first in a new generation of high definition, and high frequency scanning system at the forefront of ultrasound technology, the Falcon provides superb image quality over the entire image depth. Scanner which is very flexible in supporting such a large array of high frequency transducers and can be used for many applications, and the fact that it is very compact and maneuverable. Included with the system type 8658T Intracavity transducer (5-7,5 MHz). Biplane transducer, is very good for all transperineal interventional procedures including brachytherapy.