Siemens S2000


Used Siemens 2008 S2000 Ultrasound System for Sale

The ACUSON S2000 ultrasound system is Siemens’ premier general imaging and shared service system which delivers comprehensive information so you can make a differential diagnosis, even in the most challenging cases.

Powerful imaging – It all starts with exquisite image quality
Penetrating insight – A whole new dimension of diagnostics
Revealing perspectives – True innovations give you, and your patients, the ability to see more. Smart workflow – Advancing smart, flexible workflow.

For clinical use in Abdominal, Cardiac, Advanced Breast Imaging, Ob-Gyn, Small Parts and Vascular. Shared Service system with SYNGO Auto Heart Analysis, Auto OB measurements, Syngo eSieCalc, Stress Echo, 3-scape 3D,

19” Flat Panel Display, TCE (Tissue Contrast Enhancement) Technology

SieClear Spatial Compounding, eSie Touch™ elasticity imaging uses gentle compression to provide a high-resolution elastogram depicting relative tissue stiffness.

Probes available are:

  • EC9-4: Endocavity – Neonatal head, Ob-Gyn – prostate
  • 4P1: Vector Array – Abdominal, Adult Echo, Fetal Echo, Ob-Gyn/Pelvis, Renal/Transcranial
  • CW2: Cardiac – Adult Echo, Cerebrovascular, Neonatal Echo, Pediatric Echo, Peripheral Vascular and transcranial
  • 14L5: Soft Tissues – Breast, Cerebrovascular, Digital muscoskeletal, Penile, Peripheral Vascular, Testicle, Thyroid
  • 9L4: Breast, Cerebrovascular, Digital, Fetal Echo, Muscoskeletal, Ob-Gyn, Pediatric Abdomen, Pediatric Hip, Pelvis, Penile, Peripheral Vascular, Testicle, Thyroid.