Ziehm Quantum C-arm


Refurbished Ziehm Quantum C-arm System (2006)

Standard Features:

  • 4/6/9” Tri Mode Image Intensifier
  • Dual Hi Resolution Flat Screen Monitors
  • Monitors Mounted On C-Arm For Compact Size
  • 45 Degrees Forward Rotation
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • DICOM 3.0
  • USB Storage
  • DeskView Software
  • LIH – Last Image Hold
  • Boost Function
  • Sharpen Feature
  • Artifact Reduction
  • High Frequency Generator
  • Sony Paper Printer
  • Patient Annotation Keyboard

Ziehm Quantum C-arm Information

By eliminating the need for a monitor cart in the surgical suite, the Ziehm Quantum™ C-Arm is truly the world’s first full featured, self contained mobile surgical C-arm. Its compact foot print and lightweight design coupled with the advanced features of a state-of-the-art 16-bit image processing system, makes the Ziehm Quantum™ the most compact and versatile mobile C-arm available today.

Excellent image quality

Image quality is clearly the most important feature of any mobile C-arm.
The Ziehm Quantum™ features a 1K² x 12bit video/image display, digital image rotation, large storage capacity (up to 10,000) images), and integrated 18.1” high resolution TFT monitors capable of displaying 1,024 shades of gray. The Ziehm Quantum™ provides superior resolution and detailed visualization in all applications.

The Anatomical Programs found in every Ziehm Quantum™ C-arm optimize image quality for each body region using the lowest possible dose. Choose between the ‘Bone/Extremities’ ‘Pelvic/Spine’, and ‘Heart/Thorax’ Anatomical Programs to ensure superb image quality in each type of procedure. In addition, unique ‘Metal’ and ‘LPD’ (Large Patient Diameter Key) image programs further enhance image quality in otherwise difficult imaging conditions.

Sparing Use of Dose

Wherever you look at the Ziehm Quantum™, you will find features that can significantly reduce dose to the patient, physician and personnel within the operating room. Ziehm Imaging has been the industry’s low dose leader since Ziehm pioneered the integration of high frequency generators into mobile fluoroscopic C-arms.

In addition, the following features ensure that the Ziehm Quantum™ is one of the most patient friendly and dose sparing mobile fluoroscopy systems available.

  • Digital image rotation and reversal without radiation
  • Programs for anatomically specific exposure techniques
  • Pulsed fluoroscopy with last image hold
  • Patient dose recording
  • Half-dose mode
  • Laser cross-hair positioning and centering
  • Large Patient Diameter Key