Mini C-Arm in Los Angeles and San Diego

If you need mini c-arm imaging equipment in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, then Promed Solutions can help. They stock new and used mini c-arm equipment such as the Hologic Insight II Mini C-arm. The mini c-arm is particularly useful in orthopaedic surgery where quality imaging plays a crucial role.

When it comes to fluoroscopy imaging it is fair to say that Hologic is leading the way. Whether we are talking about innovative flat detector design or new image processing algorithms, Hologic products offer manoeuvrability with high definition, low-dose fluoroscopy images and automated adjustments to deliver optimum images. For example, the CsI (cesium iodide) CMOS flat detector has exclusive rotating capabilities and the CsI material provides high sensitivity, resulting in lower dose and high quality images.

This rotating flat detector is built into the the Fluoroscan InSight II mini C-arm system providing imaging versatility right in the operating room. The Fluoroscan InSight II mini C-arm system is of great help to orthopaedic surgeons especially when dealing with challenging extremity procedures.


This mini C-arm system provides the kind imaging and manoeuvrability that surgeons need. That means high quality imaging combined with easy to use equipment and instruments. With the advanced Hologic Insight II Mini C-arm surgeons can


  • Manage their mini C-arm single-handedly with speed and ease
  • See detailed and full-sized dual images without straining
  • Optimize image quality and dose
  • Achieve higher productivity


Imaging technology plays important roles in medical diagnosis and treatments related to breast and bone health. Improved imaging help surgeons and doctors make accurate diagnosis.


Hologic Insight II Mini C-arm from Promed Solutions has some useful features such as:


  • Dual Mode Image Intensifier
  • Code Enhancement
  • Flip
  • Dark Fluoro
  • Reverse Fluoro
  • Noise Suppressor
  • Hologic Insight 2 description:
  • Thermo Kevex X-ray 
  • Max Volt: 75 Kv
  • Max Power 7.5 Watts