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Need to rent a laser? ProMed Solutions is a worldwide supplier of quality lasers and other cosmetic equipment based in Los Alamitos, CA. We have many different types of aesthetic equipment in all different ranges and uses. If you’re looking to upgrade your business’s services, attract new customers or access laser equipment, then an equipment rental from ProMed may be the right solution for you. We offer various medical equipment for rent.

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Rent Medical Laser

Medical practitioners use laser equipment for many different procedures, including varicose vein treatment, hair removal, acne, photofacial, skin rejuvenation, and more. Laser equipment helps precisely target different parts of the body.

When you rent a medical laser, you get to try out the equipment and see how it works in your clinic. If you are expanding your medical services to laser procedures, equipment rental can help you evaluate different machines and avoid purchasing the wrong kind of equipment.

Rent Laser Equipment

Need laser equipment but aren’t ready to buy yet? This is an excellent way for your medical office, spa, or wellness center to access the laser equipment that would typically be out of reach. Laser equipment rental offers multiple benefits, such as:

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Laser Hair Removal Machine Rental in Los Angeles, Torrance, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Newport Beach, Pasadena

Rent Hair Removal Laser

Many beauty clinics use laser equipment for long-term hair removal. Renting equipment can be a good strategy for aesthetic service providers who are just starting to build their clientele and aren’t sure what kind of equipment will serve them best or how many machines they need. Equipment rental allows clinic owners to:

At ProMed Solutions, we have a number of different models available when it comes to rent hair removal laser. Hair removal lasers are constantly improving when it comes to efficiency, effectiveness, and pain levels. Also, we have some models that are small enough to do in-home laser hair removal visits. Learn more about our hair removal laser rental programs so all your locations can have the best hair removal laser equipment available at affordable costs. 

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