RF Skin Tightening Machine for San Diego, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, Orange County, CA and surrounding areas

RF skin tightening machine for firmer healthier skin

Are you looking for a RF skin tightening machine? Promed Solutions can help you with medical and cosmetic equipment in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Beverly Hills or Newport Beach, including RF skin tightening machines. RF stands for Radio Frequency and an RF skin tightening machine is one of the best non-invasive skin treatments available. You can benefit from RF treatment is you have sagging skin, tired skin, aged skin and wrinkled skin.

RF skin treatment has come a long way since the early machines that were the size of an ATM. In those days treatments were painful and sometimes resulted in unpleasant side-effects such as scarring and necrosis. This is no longer the case as modern RF machines are more advanced and lot safer to use. Slight redness is about the sum of side-effects you might encounter.

Although you now get machines for home use, they are not as powerful or effective as the equipment you will find in doctor’s surgery, a clinic or a health spa. A RF skin tightening machine uses an electrical current that promotes new collagen growth which in turn leads to firmer and healthier looking skin.

RF is considered safer than lasers and derma-rolling as tissue damage is limited. It still a good idea to go for professional treatments at a dermatologist, plastic surgeon or health spa. A health specialist will have more expensive equipment than the average home user. This means treatments will be more effective and you will also need fewer treatments.

Promed Solution supplies a comprehensive range of medical and cosmetic equipment. Health practitioners, doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, clinics and health spas will find good deals on a variety of re-furnished or pre-owned equipment. So, if you need a RF skin tightening machine you need look no further than Promed Solutions.