Sharps Waste Disposal, OSHA Sharps Disposal, and Sharps Management in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Sharps Disposal in San DiegoAt ProMed Solutions, we serve practices and businesses in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, San Diego, and the surrounding areas with sharps management services that meet OSHA standards and keep Southern California safe! With a team of technicians dedicated to keeping the environment safe, it’s our pleasure to offer you affordable services through Sharps waste disposal.

Sharps is the medical term given to materials that have sharp points and edges that can puncture the skin. While sharps are necessary for a range of businesses, mainly medical practices, sharps can be hazardous if not dealt with in a professional way.


Sharps Management

Sharps management is the safe handling and disposal of sharps such as:

  • Syringes – Syringes are an attachable device that assists needles and withdrawing fluids from the body.
  • Lancets – Lancets are a short double-edged blade used to extract blood for testing.
  • Needles – Needles are a fine sharp piece of metal material used for injections that go under your skin.
  • Infusion Sets – Infusion sets are a unique tubing system used to carry drugs into the body.
  • Auto-Injectors – Auto-injectors are syringes that have been filled with fluids to inject into the body for one-time use.

If your business or practice uses the above materials then you need the proper tools and services for safe sharps management and other medical waste disposal. At ProMed Solutions, we meet your needs in all aspects of sharps waste disposal and the proper sharps management to prevent the spread of diseases and keep our community safe.

Sharps Waste Disposal in San Diego, CA

OSHA Sharps Disposal

Sharps material can be dangerous and infectious for individuals if disposed of in an improper way. To combat the improper disposal of sharps, OSHA has set statutes, standards, and regulations in place to ensure the proper disposal of sharps and other hazardous materials. OSHA Sharps disposal requirements consist of sharps waste disposal standards that all clinics, medical centers, and businesses in the Los Angeles area need to comply by. Non-compliance with OSHA sharps disposal can lead to serious consequences that include infection and the shutting down of your practice, which is why at ProMed Solutions, we take sharps waste disposal seriously!

Our team of technicians assists with helping you select the proper sharps management materials for your business and provides sharps waste disposal services through EZ Green Waste. Not only do we handle various aspects of proper sharps disposal, we provide our valued clients with educational programs and consulting services to better handle sharps material and other hazardous medical waste materials. From Los Angeles to San Diego, and everywhere between, if your business needs quality OSHA Sharps Disposal Services we’ve got you covered!