Tattoo Removal Laser Equipment in Orange County, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, and surrounding areas

Promed Solutions can help you with tattoo removal laser equipment in Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego, CA

They are a recommended and trusted supplier of new and used medical equipment such as laser equipment. Whether you need new or refurbished tattoo removal laser equipment, they can help. The offer a turnkey solution when it comes to sales, service and maintenance of medical equipment.

They are leaders when it comes to the sales and service of new or pre-owned laser equipment. They can help you with cosmetic, dermatology, medical, surgical and tattoo & hair removal lasers. Their refurbished equipment fully complies with manufacturer standards. Demand for tattoo removal lasers has grown significantly and Promed Solutions can help you with the right equipment for your facility and your budget.

Their state-of-the-art tattoo removal laser equipment combine the right amounts of peak power, pulses and laser wavelengths for effective skin color treatment. For example, nanosecond switched pulses across three primary laser wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm and 694nm These unique features allow for effective treatment of pigmented lesions and all treatable tattoo colors.

Laser machines need to have ultra-high specifications to achieve optimum photomechanical effect. When you want skin treatment without hot points you need the right equipment. You want a handpiece that can deliver laser power homogeneously all over the treatment area.

If you need medical equipment such as tattoo laser removal equipment then you need look no further than Promed Solutions. They understand laser equipment, the market demands and the requirements of physicians, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. They can help you with affordable and effective tattoo removal laser equipment in Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego.

Tattoo Removal Laser Equipment in Orange County, and surrounding areas, including Los Angeles & San Diego. Offering Used Hair Removal Laser, and more.