We are now carrying Sono Ultrasound Wipes

We are now carrying Sono Ultrasound Wipes which are a one step cleaner-disinfectant-deodorizer-sanitizer for your ultrasound probes, systems and other medical devices.

Thanks to our focused industry insight, we’ve developed a unique disinfectant solution designed to address the specific needs of ultrasound equipment.

The result is a highly targeted wipe that provides doctors and hospitals with disinfecting abilities, cost-savings, and convenient benefits including:
Easy clean-up. Top quality fabric with antibacterial formula, disinfects while cleaning up messes. Textured to pick up particles. Cloths quickly remove dirt, spots, and smudges while killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Machine protection. Non-abrasive, non-damaging wipes keep equipment looking like new.
Ultra-stick-grip. Ultra-stick adhesive keeps package fixed firmly. Prevents wipes from getting lost and visibly reminds staff to use specialty wipes for ultrasound cleaning.
Convenient packaging. Dispenses wipes like a tissue. Just pull, wipe, and toss.
Each case consists of 12 individual 50 ct packs of non-abrasive, non-damaging moist wipes (large 7″x10″) that keep equipment looking new.
Ultra-stick-grip technology keeps package fixed to equipment.
Safe to use without gloves

Product Number: 4018

Used for Everyday Cleaning, SONO Ultrasound Wipes destroy 47 pathogens including MRSA, HIV, and staph-and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew as well as the odors caused by them.

The Patent Pending, EPA approved solution is ammonia, phosphate, solvent and bleach free with low levels of alcohol and will not harm your equipment.
SONO can be used to clean EKG machines, Stress units, Patient monitoring units, Mammography plates and other medical devices.

If you don’t know which wipe is right for your ultrasound units, the answer is clear: SONO Ultrasound Wipes!

The ONLY wipe made for and tested on ultrasound equipment.