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We understand the urgency of a downed Ultrasound System. Whether you need fast Ultrasound Repair, Ultrasound Probe Replacement, Preventative Maintenance or are shopping for used or new Ultrasound Equipment, we can help!

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Does your Ultrasound Transducer need to be fixed or repaired?

We can save you money by repairing your ultrasound transducer instead of replacing it. Our experienced professionals can quickly diagnose the transducer problem and in most cases, repair it.

Save over manufacturer pricing!

Our service rates are at a fraction over the manufacturers allowing to save you hundred and sometimes thousands of $$$.  We are trained and experienced on all major ultrasound brands and systems, including portable ultrasound systems, ultrasound probes and other ultrasound parts. Here are just a few ultrasound makes and models we work on:

Siemens Acuson Sequoia, Siemens Acuson Cypress, Acuson Sequoia, Siemens Antares , Sonoscape, Phillips HD 11, Phillips HP 5500, Phillips HDI 5000, GE Logic E9, GE Logic 9, GE Logic 5, GE Logic 400, GE Logic 5, GE LogiqBook, GE Logic 500, GE Vivid 7 and the GE Voluson 730.

Considering a Service Contract for your Ultrasound

For many people, ultrasound breakdowns and repairs end up causing big damage to their budgets. That’s why having an ultrasound service contract can help. Sometimes referred to as extended warranties, ultrasound service contracts take over when manufacturer warranties run out.

The fact is, expenses from ultrasound emergencies always tend to come at the worst times, when money might be tight, and you have other obligations to take care of. While financial experts advise setting money aside for emergencies, it takes time and dedication to build up ample reserves to cover a major ultrasound repair. Pile on a couple of those, and you can plow through an emergency fund rather quickly.

To avoid that scenario, explore three ways a service contract can help you stay within your budget:

Avoid Unexpected Surprises

An ultrasound service contract allows you to pay a quarterly fee that will cover you for the majority of ultrasound repairs involving major parts,probes and printers.   There are typically different options, so you can choose the plan that works for your financial situation and needs. In a sense, it’s almost forcing you to prepare for future repairs so that you’re not caught off guard and forced to rely on plastic when something breaks down.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Contracts can include preventative maintenance, probe repair, and sometimes loaners.  If you’re planning on keeping your ultrasound for a number of years, it’s only logical to expect that things will go wrong from time to time, and replacement parts may be needed.  Having an ultrasound service contract can help offset and sometimes eliminate a lot of those expenses.

Extend the Life of Your Ultrasound

Without a tremendous service bill to stress over, you’ll be more likely to move forward with repairs and service that will keep your ultrasound running safely and efficiently.

Unless you have a brand new ultrasound, an ultrasound service contract is something worth considering.

Let us know if you would like to get a quote for a comprehensive service contract that will cover transducers, major parts, labor, peripherals, and preventative maintenance with system certification for accreditation.

We offer Ultrasound service contracts in  Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County and the surrounding areas.