Used Hair Removal Laser in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and the Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for a used hair removal laser in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, Orange County or San Diego, then Promed Solutions can help. They supply quality medical equipment such as cosmetic laser equipment.  They can help you with quality new, refurbished or pre-owned medical equipment. 

There is a big demand for permanent hair removal and a refurbished laser can help you tap into that demands. Maybe you own a beauty salon, a spa or maybe you are dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. Whatever the case, investing in a used hair removal laser makes sense from all angles. Whether you are looking for used cosmetic laser or for laser machine parts, Promed can help. 

Promed carries a comprehensive range of used laser equipment such as the 2014 Alma Harmony XL, the Active Optima 518 IPL System and the Ageless Glow. 

With a machine such as the Optima 518 Classic a practitioner can provide advanced cosmetic procedures and treatments that are based on proven protocols. With a machine such as the Optima 518 the practitioner can set pulse patterns according to skin type, treatment and depth. A quality used hair removal laser such as the Optima Classic is well tested and treatments have been proven to be effective.  

When it comes to used hair removal lasers, the handpiece plays an important role in the speed of treatments as well as the comfort of the therapist or practitioner. 

The Optima features the new Mark II multipurpose handpiece which enables: 

  • Faster treatments – up to 0.5 Seconds between pulses. 
  • Real-time handpiece temperature control. 
  • Contemporary and stylish design. 
  • Light weight design – 25% less weight to improve the therapists’ comfort. 

Promed carries a wide range of cosmetic equipment and they have a suitable used hair removal laser for your business or practice.